Chandrababu’s Propaganda Will Destroy TDP

Pioneer of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh administrative get together and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy tended to an enormous open assembling in Jaggampeta supporters of East Godavari region, as a major aspect of his mass effort program, Praja Sankalpa Yatra on Day 222. The general population’s pioneer said thanks to people in general for going along with him in the padayatra.

In Jaggampeta body electorate, nearby open disclosed to me that over the most recent four years, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu did not satisfy any of his race guarantees, while, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) pioneers keep on exploiting all the normal assets, YS Jagan said. They didn’t extra sanctuary grounds and trimmings inside the sanctuaries, he included. “Right around 90 waterways in the locale are influenced by the TDP sand mafia’s sneaking practices,” he commented.

In East Godavari region, regions encompassing Jaggampeta and Pithapuram have a life saver as Aleshwaram supply, which is equipped for giving water system waters to 60,000 sections of land of farmland. In any case, not in any case 50,000 sections of land get water system waters today, in Chandrababu’s run the show. In February 2009, previous Chief Minister, late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy started modernization work for the undertaking. Be that as it may, after his lamentable demise, not even 40 for every penny of the work has been finished till now, YS Jagan watched.

The Polavaram venture in the wake of being introduced by previous Chief Minister, late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy (DR YSR), was started and built on a lively pace amid his administration. However, in Chandrababu’s run, the undertaking work is moving at a snail’s speed, he said.

Dr YSR finished the Pushkara lift water system venture with 13 lifts crosswise over eight voting public in the locale, serving around 1.5 lakh sections of land. Ranchers in this area would have gotten profited from Pushkara lift water system venture, had Chandrababu assembled only one more lift over the most recent 4 years.

The sugarcane trim is not really given a help cost of Rs 2800 for each quintal, while in Uttar Pradesh, the legislature is giving Rs 3,450 to sugarcane agriculturists, he attested. Around Rs 1200 is charged just to cut and transportation of the harvest, the YSRCP Chief said.

In the four long periods of Chandrababu manage, not by any means a solitary product was given MSP, he said. The reason lies in the way that Chandrababu is the pioneer of the intermediaries. Chandrababu’s Heritage organization buys crops for lessser cost from agriculturists and offers its items for 3-4 times the cost, said.

“Chandrababu, in his race guarantees, said he would build up the Jaggampet Community Health Center into an Area doctor’s facility. Out of the healing center’s 30 bed limit, just 15 beds are accessible. Absence of a X-beam, a lab specialist and ambulances are making challenges for the patients,” the Leader of Opposition said. Dr YSR endorsed a Degree College in Jaggampeta, however not by any means a building has been built over the most recent four long stretches of Chandrababu run the show.

TDP’s site has expelled its 2014 decision proclamation, YS Jagan commented. At the point when different networks got some information about usage of his survey guarantees, he affronts and mortifies them, he said. Kapu pioneer Mudragada Padmanabham was intentionally reserved under cases, with a specific end goal to supress their battle, YS Jagan included.

YS Jagan cleared up to the Kapu people group individuals that he would do everything conceivable inside the half reservation restrict under the domain of the State government, and, not at all like Chandrababu, he would not make false and incomprehensible guarantees.

The Janma Bhoomi Committees request cash notwithstanding for apportion, benefits, houses and toilets, he said. The AP CM guaranteed to manufacture a house for each poor man in the state—”What number of houses has he worked till date?” he inquired. In Dr. YSR’s administration, 18600 houses were worked in this supporters, however not in any case a solitary house has been worked over the most recent four years, YS Jagan said. It is ridiculous that Chandrababu, who had guaranteed to fabricate 20 lakh houses in 2014, is currently vowing to build 19 lakh houses in the rest of the a half year.

The YSRCP Chief told the huge open assembling that Chandrababu had guaranteed to give Rs 2,000 to each family unit without work. It had been four years since he had come to control yet no family unit had got that sum. So the administration owed Rs 96,000 to each family unit in the state, he said and called upon all the jobless youth to scrutinize the TDP boss about it.

In 2014, Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu pledged to boycott all alcohol shops in the state, at the same time, following four years long stretches of his control, he has guaranteed that each town had an alcohol shop, YS Jagan said.

Chandrababu demonstrated us longs for a capital like Singapore, Polavaram venture, notorious pinnacle, famous scaffold, silicon valley, 100-story structures, shot prepare, Hyperloop, Microsoft office and 40 lakh occupations, he said. The administration neglected to satisfy each and every guarantee it made, he included.

The 108 vehicles used to achieve the patient inside 20 minutes of hint, he said. Rajanna Rajyam had an emergency vehicle for every mandal while today, not by any means a solitary rescue vehicle is accessible per body electorate, he commented.

In 2014, Chandrababu guaranteed to postpone cultivate credits, rather, he has troubled the state government with an advance of Rs 87,600 crores, he said.

YS Jagan guaranteed to build the benefits adds up to senior nationals in the state. To every senior resident of time of more than 60, annuity of Rs 2,000 will be given each month, he guaranteed. Single ladies, matured over 45, will be given an annuity of Rs 2,000 in Rajanna Rajyam, he included.