Chandrababu Responsible For Tuni Train Burning Incident

Pioneer of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh get together and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was behind Tuni prepare fire incident amid the Kapu disturbance. He said that the present control was very degenerate and the TDP pioneers were not saving sand, soil and even the terrains of sanctuaries.

Tending to an ocean of humankind which had thronged the setting of general society meeting, the general population’s pioneer, who was on his mass effort program, Praja Sankalpa Yatra, he said that Chandrababu endeavored to snatch 425 sections of land of land having a place with Mutt. It was dishonorable that land having a place with sanctuaries were promised in the bank for cash.

YS Jagan named Divis as Chandrababu’s intermediary organization and said that the TDP government was badgering ranchers who did not extra their property for the organization. False bodies of evidence were foisted against the agriculturists. He said we invite organizations, however they ought to be set up in specific spots. Everybody would be cheerful to hear that a pharma organization was being set up in Visakhapatnam, yet not set up where there was greatest incubation centers in Tuni electorate, he said.

The YSRCP Chief said additionally, this place has been distinguished as water zone by the Central government. “By setting up pharma organizations in this district, the legislature is just contaminating the water. This was thusly influencing the water business and hampering its development,” he said.

The Leader of Opposition reminded everybody that it was at Tuni that the YSRCP reported its full help to Kapu reservations. The aftereffect of the gathering support was that 75 for every penny of YSRCP specialists were involved in false cases. He said Chandrababu contrived and set the prepare ablaze in Tuni amid the unsettling for Kapu reservation. None were saved – from SC, BC to physically impaired everybody were reserved in false cases by the TDP government. Everybody will be liberated from prepare consuming case when YSRCP comes to control.

YS Jagan brought up that the Tuni government healing center was in a condition of disregard. According to records, 11 specialists ought to work in the clinic while there were only four of them. He said that even 108 emergency vehicle benefit was useless in Tuni. He reviewed previous Chief Minister Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s decide and said that he had developed 11,000 houses for poor people. Amid the time, the legislature had discharged Rs 26 crores for drinking water supply from Tandava.

The general population’s pioneer said that there was no yard in Tuni to dump twaste. He said squander was being dumped in cemetery. “Simply envision, just if Tuni voting demographic has such a large number of issues, what number of issues existed in the state.” He requested that individuals not pardon Chandrababu who has been deluding the state and deceiving individuals. At last, YS Jagan welcomed recommendations from individuals to form Navaratnalu into a solid proclamation of YSRCP.