I set off on my yatra from R Krishnapuram by 8 AM on Wednesday. The following stop was Pedda Kota Kandukuru. Restricted boulevards, deplete spills transforming streets into slushy puddles, intolerable stench radiating from the abnormal admixture of deplete and festered rubbish, express destitution all around and individuals without a rooftop to live under… . This in short is the narrative of this town. My heart sank on observing the situation in his once-celebrated internationally town. They say India lives in its towns. Tragically, the Government has neither the time nor enthusiasm for these towns.

Till Allagadda, my padayatra chiefly secured cultivate lands. Countless processed around to welcome me. The greater part of them are roofless and landless.

They work all the live long day to keep their home fires consuming. God deny in the event that somebody falls wiped out, their family faces add up to monetary devastation and their delicate economy disintegrates. However, the Government of the day hasn’t paid their Employment Guarantee Scheme unfulfilled obligations throughout the previous one year. Could there be a more appalling wrongdoing than this?

En route, lime agriculturists cooperated with me. They mourned that notwithstanding their drudge, they are not getting the correct cost for their create.

Each agriculturist that I met amid the Padayatra so far has the same sad story to describe. Can any anyone explain why no harvest is getting the correct cost? Chandrababu Naidu, who gloated in his race statement that he would set up Rs-5000-crore value adjustment finance, has actually pursued a war on the ranchers.

His arrangements have guaranteed that the agriculturists don’t get the correct cost. It is time the ranchers ascend, shed despondence and wage a battle against this heartless government.

I was overpowered by feeling as I ventured into Allagadda and profoundly moved by the enduring responsibility of the gathering laborers regardless of the hardships. In spite of the changes, their adoration and friendship for me have just multiplied. Their assurance to be my ally contacted me deeply.

At Allagadda, I met Nireekshana, a young lady, who is weakened because of crippling consume wounds. She was discovering it to a great degree troublesome even to absolute a couple of words. “I have been moving from column to post for benefits. Be that as it may, nobody appears to mind,” a sad Nireekshana said. I took her issue to the notice of the District Collector and expectation he would react.

Today, the costs of each ranch deliver – be it paddy, cotton, dark gram, groundnut or much coriander, are contacting a nadir the minute the product is prepared for collect. I might want to ask the central priest with respect to whatever happened to his Rs 5000 crore and his much touted value adjustment support? Why you can’t give bolster cost for any homestead deliver? What will you accomplish by perpetrating insufferable and unending agony on the hapless cultivating network?