Srikakulam District

Srikakulam area is one of thirteen locale in the Indian territory of ANDHRA PRADESH. It is one of the nine beach front areas, situated the extraordinary northeastern way of the state. The base camp of the region is at Srikakulam. It was once in the past known as Chicacole.

It is inside the geographic directions of 18°-20' and 19°-10' N and 83°-50' and 84°-50' E. The area is evaded to a separation by Kandivalasagedda, Vamsadhara and Bahuda at specific stretches of their courses while a line of statures of the considerable Eastern Ghats keep running from the upper east. Vizianagaram locale flanks in the south and west while Odisha limits it on the north and Bay of Bengal on the East. This is the main locale in Andhra Pradesh with two streams: Nagavali and Vamsadhara.

Srikakulam region involves a zone of 5,837 square kilometers (2,254 sq mi),similarly proportional to Australia's Melville Island. Srikakulam region can be separated into two principle particular normal divisions. A segment of Srikakulam area is plain landscape with serious agribusiness and the other is rough and bumpy territory secured with woodlands. A portion of the Mahendragiri Hills covers Srikakulam region. A large portion of the woods territory of the plain landscape has been harmed by extreme farming. Kotthuru, Hiramandalam, Pathapatnam, Kalingadal store and some different regions are as yet secured with thick backwoods. Srikakulam is 100 km (62 mi) north of Visakhapatnam. It has a populace of 2,537,593 of which 10.98% is urban starting at 2001. Srikakulam region has the longest coastline (around 193 km (120 mi)) in the territory of Andhra Pradesh. It is circumscribed by Odisha on the north, Vizianagaram region on the west and south, Bay of Bengal on the east. Real streams coursing through the area are River Nagavali, River Vamsadhara, Mahendratanaya, Champavati, Bahuda, Kumbhikota Gedda, Suvarnamukhi, Vegavati, Gomukhi. The Nagavali and Vamsadhara are the real streams in Srikakulam region. These two stream bowls together constitute around 5% of the region. The Mahendratanaya and Bahuda waterways are two minor stream bowls in the locale. Others are Benjigedda, Peddagedda, Kandivalasa gedda. Significant water system extends on these streams — Vamsadhara Project, Narayanapuram Anicut, Thotapalli Regulator — and some medium ventures at Pydigam Project, Onigadda give an aggregate ayacut of 69,373 sections of land (280.74 km2).

Mandals in Srikakulam District