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YSR Congress party president YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s dad, the late YS Rajashekar Reddy, rode to control on the back of a walkathon. Presently, with decisions to the Andhra Pradesh gathering not as much as a year away, Jaganmohan’s own particular walkathon has recently crossed the 200-day point of reference.

Amid his yatra, Jagan has clarified that he won’t align with some other political gathering either in the state or at the national level. He isn’t especially pre-arranged towards a specific gathering, expressing in a meeting to Nagaraju that in 2019, he will bolster the gathering or front at the Center, which gives it in composing that it will concede an exceptional class status to Andhra Pradesh.

You have finished 200 long periods of padayatra, covering in excess of 2,400 km. What have been your perceptions amid this period?

Consistently is another experience for me. I have been taking in a considerable measure from my experience each day. Appearances may change, yet the predicament of the general population continues as before wherever with a level of contrast. Agriculturists are in trouble with no profitable costs throughout the previous four years, their obligations have been mounting, joblessness has been on the ascent and economy has crumpled.

There has been no majority rules system at the town level. What we see is just usurping of forces of the nearby government by the Janma Bhoomi advisory groups, which are constituted with the Telugu Desam Party chosen people. Regardless of whether it is annuities, proportion cards or even a latrine, they go just to the TDP individuals through these boards of trustees.

Sand mafia is administering the perch and sand is being plundered directly before the authorities, even in places like Amaravati. Just TDP benamis are getting free sand. Gatherers are accomplices to this plunder. CM Chandrababu Naidu’s child and his Heritage Company are accomplice to this plunder. They are not notwithstanding leaving the mud. There is trick wherever in coal supply, control buy, alcohol dealings. They have not saved even sanctuaries and sanctuary lands.

What are the significant issues that you have seen amid your padayatra?

A few issues and every one of them are man-made, on account of the absence of administration by Naidu. He guaranteed to postpone all harvest advances of ranchers to the degree of Rs 87,612 crore, however all that he has deferred over the most recent four years was only a normal of Rs 3,000 crore for each year.

He came to control riding on the trademark of giving occupations to each jobless (individual). He neither gave employments nor did he give the guaranteed joblessness dole. The main way youth could land positions was by anchoring exceptional classification status to AP, which would have carried various businesses with motivating forces like zero pay duty and GST exclusion. Be that as it may, it didn’t occur.

Naidu professed to have acquired ventures worth Rs 20 lakh crore with 40 lakh occupations, yet according to the Union business service reports, not even Rs 20,000 crore worth speculations have come to AP in most recent four years.

What will be your significant issue in the following races? Unique class status, recovery of YSR period or Naidu?

It will be every one of these issues set up together. Last time, we missed power barely with an edge of 1.5% votes, on account of Naidu’s false guarantees, his cases of being an accomplished pioneer, the Pawan Kalyan factor and the Modi wave.

Today the circumstance is unique. Individuals have understood that Naidu is a liar . What’s more, the two wheels – the BJP and Pawan Kalyan – are off his cycle. We are displaying our nine guarantees – Nava Ratnas – to tell individuals what we can do. In the meantime, we are giving a guarantee to bring back the brilliant time of YSR.

With respect to uncommon classification status, it is certainly going to be a noteworthy issue. YSRC hosts been the main get-together which has been reliably battling for it, while the TDP has changed its stand just at this point.

It gives off an impression of being a multi-cornered challenge in Andhra this time as well known performer Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party has additionally tossed its cap in the ring. Do you figure it will influence your odds because of split in defiant vote?

I don’t think a multi-cornered challenge will have any effect on our gathering’s prospects. In 2014, individuals who bolstered Pawan Kalyan and the BJP voted in favor of the TDP in light of the fact that they battled together. Presently, the two gatherings will part the TDP votes and not that of YSR Congress.

Your ex-MP from Tirupati asserted that Pawan Kalyan would really bolster your gathering.

I lack any such proposition. We are fit for challenging the races without anyone’s help. Regardless, I don’t perceive any need to consider support and partnerships at this stage.

Chandrababu Naidu has been charging that the BJP is terminating at him from the shoulders of the YSRC and Jana Sena to pull down his administration…

This is only silly and inept talking. It was the TDP which had cruised with the BJP for a long time.

In case of your gathering getting most extreme number of MP seats from Andhra, say 20 out of 25, whom do you bolster at the Center in 2019?

I have officially clarified that my gathering will bolster whichever gathering or alliance at the Center that gives it in composing that it will give exceptional class status to Andhra. We would prefer not to escape by just guarantees

Will YSR Congress be a piece of an elected front, on the off chance that it is welcomed, in case of such a front shaping the legislature at the Center? What will be your part in national legislative issues?

I am not keen on joining any fronts or alliances at the national level. I don’t need any part in national legislative issues.

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