JAGAN Interview with Sakshi TV

Q-Your padayatra which started in Idupulapaya appears to have reached out past its unique calendar?

YSJ: Originally, I had wanted to close my padayatra inside a half year. Be that as it may, from the day I set out on my walkathon from Idupulapaya, individuals have been coming in extensive numbers to meet me. Kindness requests that one listens closely to the individuals who come and welcome you with such bounteous love and warmth. I am resolved to finish up my padayatra in Ichchapuram as arranged regardless of how difficult the voyage may demonstrate to me.

Q-Have you recognized consuming issues as issues which you should take care of?

YSJ: Anything is conceivable if the administration works with truthfulness and duty. Every one of the issues which Andhra Pradesh faces are synthetic and in light of the insensitivity of the TDP government. This carelessness has prompted far reaching discontent among all segments including agriculturists who have whined wherever about absence of least help cost for their create.

Ranchers grumbled that after Chandrababu Naidu accepted office they felt deceived. Their create had descended and they can’t reimburse the advances which they had acquired from banks. Agriculturists can’t venture into banks for help and loaning organizations are feeling the loss of their objectives. This is Chandrababu’s advancement report in four years.

At the point when Chandrababu accepted office, the obligation was over Rs 86,000 crores and it has now traversed a lakh crores! Whatever happened to cultivate credit waivers! Ranchers are reeling under the heaviness of obligations. Past governments would pay the premium sum on credits to banks. Chandrababu quit doing this. Thusly, isn’t the circumstance an artificial one?

Chandrababu obtains ranchers’ deliver at bring down costs and offers them at his Heritage outlets at soak costs. In what capacity can the go betweens framework be found if the main clergyman himself transforms into one?

Q-The issue of Minimum Support Price has been common for a very long time now. Is it conceivable to offer MSP to all ranchers?

YSJ: During my dad late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s residency, the issue of least help cost did not emerge, and regardless of whether it did, it was settled quickly. The costs went up following his intercession and dynamic help to agriculturists. Dr YSR found a way to reduce the torment of ranchers. He guaranteed free power supply to ranchers and the cost of paddy shot up from Rs 550 and contacted Rs 1030 before five years’ over. He would apply weight on the Center to help the agriculturists on the issue of MSP. Not once amid his 4-year organization together with the BJP at the middle, did Chandrababu Naidu keep in touch with the Union government looking for help on ranchers’ issues.

Q-What is the rationale behind Chandrababu Naidu ignoring ranchers’ issues? It is safe to say that he will forego ranchers’ votes?

YSJ: To Cite a case, in Chandrbabu Naidu’s local area of Chittoor mangoes are developed on 2.5 lakh sections of land out of which Thothapuri assortment is developed on 1.7 lakh sections of land. When agriculturists gather their products, the costs crash. At the season of reap the cost remained at Rs 23,000 however when the ranchers were prepared to offer their create, it fell strongly to Rs 4,000. We have seen with our own eyes how agriculturists were compelled to dump their valuable create on the streets.

What’s happening with the main clergyman of the state while his gathering pioneers, including Lok Sabha MP Jaya Galla who claims Galla nourishments, Sreeni sustenances possessed by Chittoor TDP pioneer and Heritage purchased the create at disposable costs.

For his own particular narrow minded closures and to encourage his intermediaries, Chandrababu Naidu has deliberately ignored to costs which have wound up in a sorry situation. This is a great case to exhibit that Chandrababu Naidu’s four-year administer is packed with avoidable and artificial debacles. This is established in his untruthfulness and degenerate vision.

Another reality which became visible throughout my padayatra identifies with school instruction. Regalia and book which ought to have been provided to the understudies in April have still not contacted them, along these lines guaranteeing that they are compelled to contemplate in private establishments rather than government schools. What is the goal of the administration if the reading material haven’t achieved the understudies multi month and a half after the schools revived? Chandrababu’s intermediaries possess tuition based schools. The late morning dinner plot has been totally diluted and ayahs are paid a honorarium of just Rs 1,000.

Q-Will you diminish the duty on fuel costs?

YSJ: Certainly. Fuel costs are the most astounding in the nation here. Individuals are reeling under the weight of rising fuel costs. Comparitively in neighboring states, the cost of fuel is lesser by Rs 7. This is yet another case of the aggregate disappointment of the Chandrababu Naidu government. Lorry proprietors needed to strike work over rising fuel costs. Besides, he makes false claims about credit waivers when he has not done anything.


Q-You say that Chandrababu Naidu has bombed on all fronts while he is trumpeting around 1500 days in office.

YSJ: Chandrababu will confront the warmth as should be obvious through his falsehoods.

Q-You had declared Navarathanalu before setting out on your padayatra. Is it accurate to say that you are joining any progressions in view of your encounters in your walkathon?

YSJ: We have been rolling out improvements from the start. We will discharge he statement in four stages. The expense repayment plot is lies in the shambles. A Nellore kid submitted suicide since his folks couldn’t bear to instruct him as the charge repayment didn’t come through. This episode keeps on frequenting me.

The charge repayment conspire should be executed broadly over the state. Arogyasri is one of the lead programs Andhra Pradesh is known for. The extent of this spearheading medicinal services activity propelled by my dad late Dr YSR has now been limited. Arogyasri doesn’t work in Hyderabad which has all the best medicinal services offices; if there should arise an occurrence of malignancy patients Arogyasri can be profited twice for chemotherapy. In any case, the media publicity around Arogyasri is deluding.

The TDP government is grabbing without end lands for houses given amid Dr YSR administration. On the off chance that god gives you the chance to change things as boss clergyman, what ought to be your first need? You should work like there is no tomorrow to change lives of the poorest of the poor in a way that individuals recollect you long after you are no more.

Q-Chandrababu has been alerted individuals against voting in favor of others guaranteeing that they have a noteworthy chance to vote in favor of TDP

YSJ: The general population of Andhra Pradesh know about the present situation. It is stupid of Chandrababu to assume that individuals are oblivious.

Q-Will YSRCP battle the races individually or will it go in for a collusion?

YSJ: There is time yet for the decisions, however we won’t have any tie-ups. On the off chance that one takes a gander at the overall circumstance, Congress is in charge of bifurcation of the state and did not help the state at all notwithstanding when it could. It was just said in the AP State Reorganization Act that Kadapa Steel production line as likewise refinery ought to be given among a few different arrangements yet there is no command thusly.

Had unique classification status been joined unambiguously, we could have gone to court looking for equity. The BJP, then again, is in control at the Center and can convey on all guarantees but has not followed up on them. For what reason would it be a good idea for us to go in for an organization together with them? TDP was in a collusion with BJP for a long time however did not guarantee equity to Andhra Pradesh.

Over everything, Chandrababu Naidu asserted that BJP had supported Andhra Pradesh than some other state at a media meet hung on January 27, 2017. He even respected the bundle given to Andhra Pradesh in the state Assembly. The Center in its contention in the Supreme Court contended that the Andhra Pradesh has consented to an uncommon bundle rather than SCS to the state.

With decisions round the corner, Chandrababu Naidu is endeavoring to censure others. In the past Jana Sena had loaned his help to TDP while today, it is shorn of help from both Jana Sena and in addition BJP. In addition, the much advertised state capital has turned into an eating ground for the cows possessed by TDP lawmakers! By the beauty of God, we will go only it in the decisions.

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