YS jagan’s samara deeksha in protest against the failure of TDP government


The general population know who is in charge of their situation and the non-usage of the survey guarantees. In one voice, the general population are stating it is Chandrababu Naidu. Like he has back-selected his dad in-law, he has double-crossed the general population of the state.

More than 1.75 lakh homes in AP are sitting tight for the guaranteed Rs 2000 of honorarium for the jobless. It has not yet come.

Amid the bifurcation of the express, the TDP, which voted in favor of the bifurcation, had guaranteed unique status to the province of Andhra Pradesh. Today, he can’t raise the issue and we need to ask him for what valid reason is he proceeding in the Union Cabinet when he can’t take up the issue of unique status.

We are not restricted to the development of the capital. What we are restricting is the manner by which ripe grounds of the ranchers are being grabbed away by the legislature.

YS Jagan discharges a people’s ticket delineating the disappointments of the Chandrababu government. Upwards of 100 fizzled guarantees have been recorded in the tally paper. YS Jagan has said that he would disseminate these poll papers among the general population and solicited them to give their rating from this legislature. The general population have been requested to check yes or no to these 100 inquiries.

This ticket will grandstand where Chandrababu Naidu remains in the perspective of the general population. A similar tally would be sent to all media houses with the goal that they would see how the general population are responding to the one year run in the state.

Everybody in the state knows who is in charge of the situation of the state, yet one individual. NO imprints for think about who that individual is. It is Chandrababu Naidu.

YS Jagan asks senior pioneer Ambati Rambabu to peruse out the inquiry and claims to the general population to check yes or no on the tally papers given to them.

Jagan thanks the general population who turned up in such gigantic numbers regardless of the sweltering summer to express their solidarity with the Samara Deeksha.

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