Land pattas distribution to tribals by YSR


Distribution of land pattas to tribals is Implemented on January 1, 2007.

In multi day, the legislature circulated 3.5 lakh sections of land to inborn ranchers in Khammam, Adilabad and West Godavari locale. The YSR government had additionally given them advances at 25 paisa enthusiasm to develop the grounds. He had likewise given a chance to build up the terrains under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

The YSR government likewise offered pattas to ancestral individuals associated with Podu (moving) development and made a record of sorts in the nation by conveying 13 lakh sections of land to 3 lakh innate agriculturists inside three months in the wake of coming to control.

The YSR administration agreed land rights to inborn individuals who have been battling about the issue throughout the previous 150 years. YSR’s was the solitary state government in the nation to have given rights to innate individuals on timberland lands Even however a few Acts were authorized before, no land was conveyed to them up until this point.

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